Joined forces against ransomware

Guardicore is now a part of Akamai

In 2021, the number of ransomware attacks reached an absolute peak, with more than 300 million attempts. Recent research shows that known cyber threats are increasingly combined to spread ransomware. A ransomware attack is one of the leading causes of organizational security breaches and can have devastating consequences.

Ransomware is a form of hacking. As the name suggests, hackers block a computer – or the data on it – and then demand a ransom from the user to free the computer. The period that organizational activities are hindered by this can cause a lot of frustration for the end user, image damage and dramatic loss of income.

Innovative ransomware protection

Guardicore is a player focused on preventing ransomware attacks. The company is disrupting the established firewall market by decoupling its software-only approach from the physical network, offering a faster alternative to firewalls. Built for the hybrid enterprise, the organization provides increased security and visibility across the cloud, data center, and endpoint.

Acquisition by Akamai

Evolane’s partner “Akamai Technologies“, the world’s most renown partner for optimizing and protecting digital experiences, made the acquisition of Guardicore official in October 2021! Guardicore’s products are added to Akamai’s portfolio of security solutions to help protect companies against breaches such as ransomware and are part of Evolane’s offering.

“Guardicore’s products have been added to Akamai’s portfolio of security solutions and are as of now part of Evolane’s offering.”

Our customers enjoy the benefits

Guardicore’s mission, like Akamai’s goals, goes beyond developing a rock-solid security solution. The company continuously works with its customers as a trusted partner, ensuring that they maximize the value of their security investments, exceeding their original goals and expectations. This fits perfectly with Evolane’s corporate philosophy. Our cyber security team can’t wait to integrate the new tandem Akamai-Guardicore into our offer and to amaze customers with fantastic results!

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