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The world's best software development and collaboration tools

Efficiency is the key to smooth collaboration. Jira, Confluence and Trello are no strangers to most organizations today. They are renowned tools that enable productive collaboration. Atlassian’s tools tackle everything that today's teams need to achieve their goals together. As an Atlassian partner, Evolane ensures an easy implementation of the technologies.


Explore Atlassian’s capibilities

Plan and follow up

Organizations always want to serve their customers in the best possible way. Atlassian’s user-friendly and customizable solutions facilitate this by making the planning and follow-up of collaborative projects child’s play. These tools offers teams structure and transparency, which is reflected in smoother business processes and better customer experience. Isn’t that what we’re all going for?

Manage and resolve incidents

Plan, trace, release, report, repeat! Jira makes it easy to define, prioritize and schedule issues within the team and then report on them to the customer. With the customization of workflows, any organization can boost their productivity levels.

Work together

Atlassian’s collaborative tools make it easier for people to perform in a team. From the banking and insurance sector to the media and entertainment business. Products like Confluence, Trello and Jira unleash the true potential of every team, in any sector around the world.

Our promise to you

Unleash the true potential of your IT team

IT teams work every day to keep the technological side of the organization running. They optimize digital processes, applications, networks and so on. Project managers and software developers are also challenged daily to live by their own philosophy. To deliver good results, it is important to keep improving their own operations. Thanks to tools such as Confluence, Jira and Trello, efficient collaboration is a given. This enables IT teams not only to strive for innovation for the customer through optimizations within the organization, but also to apply them in their own way of working. All this benefits the productivity of the team and therefore the business goals of the organization.

Local partner with exceeding expertise

Atlassian is an Australian software company that develops products that make life easier for project managers, IT teams, and software developers. The company strives towards openness, and proclaims a “no nonsense” culture, which is fully in line with the Evolane corporate culture. Our core values are transparency, flexibility, accessibility and thinking along with the customer. . Atlassian's solutions with Evolane's advice and expertise are a golden combination to serve companies successfully. Evolane has been a “Gold Solution Partner” for more than 10 years. A Gold Solution Partner works with a team of trained and certified people, guaranteeing great added value for the customer.

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