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Edge Logic Applications

Thanks to Akamai’s innovative technology, we’re happy and able to assist your teams in managing and offloading IT efforts to the edge. Let’s reduce workload and traffic-related duties in exchange for fast-to-market app development and easy site modifications.

Edge Redirector

Offloading to the max

Edge Redirector

How we do it

Who doesn’t love vanity URLs for branding and marketing campaigns? Too often, a legion of redirects forms itself as site content changes or content changes location or retires. This leaves nothing but negative impact and faulty SEO as results. Akamai’s Cloudlet is designed to manage and offload big loads of URLS, self-provisioned and self-configured via Control Center and Cloudlets Policy Manager.

  • Easily match the appropriate criteria and the ability to set start and end dates for redirects
  • Preserve link equity for SEO purposes
  • Effectively reduce round trips and use additional origin offload

What’s yours?

Let’s reduce the workload of your websites and apps by managing the often numerous URL redirects in a manner that’s both efficient and smart. 301 and 302 URL redirects ensure your site’s content remains accessible always, now it’s time to prevent them piling up and get in the way of proper SEO and performance.

  • Safeguard the effectiveness of your CMS and additional platform migrations
  • Extend URL management possibilities to your marketing team using Akamai’s technology
  • Speed your time to market for website or application changes requiring redirects
Application Load Balancing

Let's share the load

Application Load Balancing

How we do it

Thanks to Application Load Balancer technology by Akamai, we’re here to help you in defining various data center configuration scenarios to balance online traffic between both cloud and physical data sources. Switching among them requires nothing more than a click or API call.

  • Origin Health Checks with Seamless Failover and Outage Response to prevent downtime
  • Easy-to-use interface, API included, to design and activate policies and/​or extend cloudlet controls
  • No hardware or code required

What’s yours?

Make sure your applications keep performing at all times. This includes sharing web traffic burdens by efficiently scaling your cloud and physical infrastructure for maximum results. Thanks to Akamai’s Intelligent Platform, we ensure your traffic gets mapped to the best available data center every time.

  • Protect your business apps from downtime
  • Maintain consistent session behavior for your audience
  • Easy to use & even easier to manage
Visitor Prioritization

Okay, who's first in line?

Visitor Prioritization

How we do it

Is your back-end application at risk of overloading? Thanks to the Visual Prioritization Cloudlet, it’s time to effectively decrease abandonment with a user-friendly waiting room experience. Our secret? Full granular control of traffic accessing your resources combined with a branded experience.

  • Efficient use of existing resources
  • Self-provisioned and self-configured through Control Center and Cloudlets Policy Manager
  • Manage the functionality via included API

What’s yours?

How many times have you been waiting to access an application, only to quit the process altogether out of sheer frustration? We employ the best Visitor Prioritization practices to bring quick access to favored users and present a user-friendly waiting room to everyone else. This way, we reduce user abandonment and keep them ready and waiting for more.

  • Improve user experience with a branded waiting room
  • Maintain proper availability during high traffic events
  • Protect continuity of valuable transaction events
Serverless Computing

'Where we're going, we don't need servers' - Doc

Serverless Computing

How we do it

Thanks to Akamai EdgeWorkers, we’re here to rhyme serverless computing with fast-to — market app development and site modifications, all of this while only using JavaScript and existing DevOps workflows. That’s right, these are the only tools needed to create proper serverless functions.

  • Modifications with sizeable impact across geographies
  • Customizable web traffic and site responses
  • Low latency & high performance

What’s yours?

Computation is a way of working fit for organizations that hold quality in high esteem but also have that knack for innovation. With the technology of Akamai EdgeWorkers we get to leverage the Akamai network to bring the benefits of serverless computing to your business: low latency, high performance, fast deployment and quick problem-solving.

  • Requiring nothing more than already existing workflows & JavaScript
  • Way of working designed for fast-to-market app & site modifications
  • Faster impact across apps & IT landscapes