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Deliver Best-In-Class digital experiences

The key to ensuring your users keep coming back is by providing them with an experience worthy of their loyalty. Think website and app speed, high-level visual quality and state-of-the-art media services. Let’s get you ahead of the others.

Website acceleration

Fast & furious

Website acceleration

How we do it

Thanks to the SLA-backed availability of our platform, we’re ready to aid clients by connecting users with data at lightning speeds. Our tool? Optimisations on both network and caching level, including first- and third-party script management.

  • Includes a true next-level Mobile Application Performance SDK
  • Modern web protocols: HTTP/2 & WebSockets
  • Policy-driven optimization through advanced prefetching & adaptive consolidation

What’s yours?

Any solid online experience starts with speed. Did you know that sites and apps are promptly abandoned by half their visitors because they take more than a few seconds to load? Digital successes begin with mitigating speed risks and improve customer satisfaction and brand perception.

  • Increase app & website speed
  • More business by making your content more accessible
  • Retain website stability, even at peak times
Adaptive Media Delivery

One size doesn't fit all

Adaptive Media Delivery

How we do it

Optimized for ABR to high-quality, secure viewing experience, an adaptive media delivery solution delivers prepared, pre-segmented HTTP-based live and on-demand streaming media.

  • Supported formats HLS, HDS, MSS, HTTP (MPEG-DASH) & CMAF
  • Advanced HTTP/3 & HTTP/2 protocol support
  • Cloud-based content delivery

What’s yours?

Bringing your audience high-quality visual content Is key, regardless of the platform or device they use for their viewing pleasure. Our use of our pro tool grants 247 media delivery to properly match expectations, even at low connection speeds.

  • Superior scalability, reliability & availability
  • Available for audiences on just about any device
  • Optimized online video playback quality & performance
Digital Experience Guardianship

Stand up for what works best

Digital Experience Guardianship

How we do it

True guardianship means taking existing structures to the next level. In our case, we elevate APM technology to include a true outside-in perspective. We combine the best in application performance data, real user behavior and synthetic monitoring and add revolutionary crash analytics to the mix.

  • Full app performance monitoring: from top HTTP to action duration
  • Quick and easy reproduction of occurring crashes
  • AI-powered, full stack, automated RUM

What’s yours?

How well do your visitors perceive the digital experience you provide them with? In order to bring you a positive answer to this question, our Digital Experience Guardianship services ensure your applications and services are available, functional, and performant, across all channels in real-time.

  • Detect online performance issues before your users do
  • Immediately fix arising problems through real-life monitoring
  • Use video to replay user sessions for optimal insights
Image and Video Optimization

Feast for the eyes

Image and Video Optimization

How we do it

Be done with the hassle that often comes along with creating, storing, and managing derivative assets. Deliver all derivative renditions in a single handy tool, in order to leave behind engaging HD web and mobile experiences.

  • Mobile-aware HTML5 interactive 360° viewer to spin and zoom images
  • Automatically detect and convert digital assets to software-specific formats
  • Query string parameter to change any transformation value

What’s yours?

Jaw-dropping visuals can prove instant assets for just about any online experience, providing that they’re scaled to purpose. Thanks to the latest in image & video management technology, we optimize your visual content in quality, format, and size best suited for every device and browser.

  • Keep every page light & fast for the best results
  • Shorten your time-to-market by relieving development from repetitive visual duties
  • The highest visual quality at the lowest bytes
Media Services Live

The audience is listening

Media Services Live

How we do it

Help improve any content creator’s output by allowing us to assist you with this purpose-built solution. We’re here to aid your development team in bringing live streaming gold across the web with, among other things, end-to-end TLS support, cross-account delivery and low-latency support. broadcast-quality experiences for your live streaming and 247 live linear services.

  • Broadcast-quality experiences for your live streaming and 247 live linear services
  • Integrated proprietary acceleration technology within a highly distributed ingestion network
  • LiveOrigin replicates content to multiple locations and assigns encoders to optimal entry points for 247 delivery

What’s yours?

Live streaming content isn’t future technology, it’s our past and present as well. Ensuring quality when live streaming (live event and 247 live linear) is a key step in matching regular broadcast television expectations. This solution is fully compatible with the best adaptive media delivery technology.

  • Alternative viewing experiences like live-rewind available
  • Deliver live content through multiple video channels
  • Bring premium content to your audience with seamless performances

On the Edge of your seat


How we do it

An authoritative DNS you can bet your money on. The EdgeDNS allows us to bring you high availability, performance, solid DDoS resilience and, most of all, an 100% uptime SLA to keep it all together.

  • Around-the-clock-DNS availability through the global platform
  • Protection against DDoS reflection attacks by serving content to a verified list of well-known name servers, continuously updated
  • Not Berkeley-based, but on years of development experience with DNS protocols instead

What’s yours?

Having a trustworthy DNS server in place is your single most important asset when it comes to balance domain names and user IP addresses. Your very own phonebook of the internet’ if you will. A solid DNS prevents chaos and delays. EdgeDNS is your partner in this one.

  • 247 availability and 100% uptime guarantee users that your webpages are always there for them
  • Global reach equals global potential, no matter where your users happen to be
  • Secure against DDoS attacks and lighting fast
Quality Assurance

Your very own line of scrimmage

Quality Assurance

How we do it

When we’re talking QA, the concept of reliability comes to mind. We’re ready to assist your team in being that last line of defense for your applications. We’re here to do your research, brainstorm with your team and provide the right execution and support. This way, you get to shine at what you do best in the meantime.

  • The Four Horsemen of testing: functional, performance, usability & compatibility
  • Your resort from roadmap to release management
  • Thorough reports and process transparency

What’s yours?

Everyone knows that if you want to bring high-quality products into the world, your testing department needs to be top-notch. That’s where we come in. We allow your IT teams to really excel at their jobs by relieving them of time-consuming, QA-related duties. It’s not about perfecting your team, but about completing it.

  • Your partner in QA from concept to release
  • Akamai & Dynatrace expertise, yours for the taking
  • Proactive way of working through advice and monitoring