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Are things going smooth? Great, let’s make sure they stay that way. Thanks to our monitoring and testing services, we continuously look out for current statuses and potential improvements. This goes from load times to app monitoring and QA.

Quality Assurance

Your very own line of scrimmage

Quality Assurance

How we do it

When we’re talking QA, the concept of reliability comes to mind. We’re ready to assist your team in being that last line of defense for your applications. We’re here to do your research, brainstorm with your team and provide the right execution and support. This way, you get to shine at what you do best in the meantime.

  • The Four Horsemen of testing: functional, performance, usability & compatibility
  • Your resort from roadmap to release management
  • Thorough reports and process transparency

What’s yours?

Everyone knows that if you want to bring high-quality products into the world, your testing department needs to be top-notch. That’s where we come in. We allow your IT teams to really excel at their jobs by relieving them of time-consuming, QA-related duties. It’s not about perfecting your team, but about completing it.

  • Your partner in QA from concept to release
  • Akamai & Dynatrace expertise, yours for the taking
  • Proactive way of working through advice and monitoring
Application Monitoring

Know what's up

Application Monitoring

How we do it

We resort to a true best-in-class APM to help any IT team bring the right answers to whoever wants to hear them. Automatic instrumentation for dynamic microservices, high fidelity data in context for all transactions, and unique hybrid support are just a few ingredients of the overall service dish.

  • APM, infrastructure monitoring and AIOps in a single solution
  • Automated monitoring of cloud-native workloads and microservices
  • From mainframe to mobile: observe everything you need to

What’s yours?

Top-notch application performance can make for a world of difference. It makes it easier to innovate, collaborate in a way that feels almost natural and reduce effort in exchange for actual value. We use the potential of true full stack, all-in-one-solution to keep apps across your IT-landscape in pristine condition.

  • Detect and pinpoint application issues before real users notice the impact
  • Designed to excel in both cloud native and hybrid environments
  • Make use of the best that AI has to offer to help your business flourish
Infrastructure Monitoring

One size doesn't fit all

Infrastructure Monitoring

How we do it

Increase your observance capabilities across Cloud and hybrid environments. Your weapons? Continuous auto-discovery of hosts, VM’s, containers, network, devices, logs, events and much more. Thanks to the power of AI, your team now really has all the answers.

  • Scale your observation power to deal with just about any question
  • Extend infrastructure observability to anything that writes to a log file
  • A unified view across the full stack with an AI continuously analyzing billions of dependencies

What’s yours?

When you’re operating with your feet set firmly in the Cloud, your business deserves the right single source of truth for all of your platforms, infrastructures and more. Your key benefit? Increased team productivity as AI-assistance continuously monitors their digital workspace.

  • Combine proactive action with innovation for the best business results
  • Automate incident response to solve problems fast and permanent
  • Application monitoring able to handle the scale and dynamic nature of the Cloud
Media Analytics

Who's got their eyes on your prize?

Media Analytics

How we do it

Media Analytics is a cloud-based, self-service client-side solution designed to provide visibility into online video performance, quality of experience and audience behavior. Thanks to a world-class QoS. Monitor and proper audience analysis components, it presents IT teams everywhere with the necessary metrics related to video.

  • Over 50 default metrics to track audience engagement
  • Segment, filter and group data for insights through a range of dimensions from ISP and geography to OS and player domain
  • Support for a wide range of player environments, online media formats and online video content types

What’s yours?

Getting to know your audience no longer means relying solely on interviews and user groups. It all begins, and ends, with grasping the right data when it comes to their use of your online media. Media Analytics is our single source of truth to provide visibility into online video performance and interaction.

  • Real-time visibility into key metrics and real-life monitoring of streams
  • Insight in key trends surrounding your audience’s behavior as they engage with video content
  • Thorough insights into video performance and viewer engagement for monetization
Performance Load Testing

How much does it carry?

Performance Load Testing

How we do it

Does your team feel like your business is ready for success? With top-notch load testing software at your disposal, we have the answers available at all times. An elastic, globally distributed environment, we ensure CloudTest is ready to simulate some of your largest production events.

  • Drag and drop test cases into tracks to be executed on cloud and on-premise locations
  • Object-based scripting all without code
  • Make use of built-in dashboards or create your own to define what’s important to your team

What’s yours?

We’re all aware of the amount of stress we can handle before we crack and guess what? This goes for each one of your applications as well. Prevent slowdowns and downtime during peak times by regular stress testing your environment. Thanks to the latest performance load testing technology, you can test at any scale or in any stage of production.

  • Give your experts the tool they need most for faster testing and getting that true picture
  • Prevent transactional or advertising revenue by ensuring your app is there when you need it to
  • Plan ahead for big promotions or sales days, knowing your infrastructure can handle it