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Drive Engagement & Business Growth

If you know your users, you have all you need to get more of them on board. Through the best in user monitoring and digital business analytics, we have all the tools ready to bring you valuable insights you can put into words and action.

Real User Monitoring

What's your six?

Real User Monitoring

How we do it

Real User Monitoring is – as it should be – AI-powered, full stack, & automated. With it, it feels natural to align IT and business to connect UX with business outcomes. Let’s cut mean time to repair in whopping numbers.

  • View JavaScript error messages, including the preceding user actions and stack traces
  • Beyond time-to-first-byte, DOM-interactive, or full-page load
  • Deep-dive into source code and database statements for next-level bug fixing

What’s yours?

How well do you know your users? Insight in the customer journey helps your organization identify possible blind spots & optimize all the way to perfection. We harness the power of real-time data and combine it with clear visual overviews & conversion optimization.

  • Proactively monitor & fix both actual and potential issues
  • Replay digital user transactions to pinpoint where things aren’t going well
  • Automate fixes using the potential of AI
Digital Business Analytics

He who holds the data

Digital Business Analytics

How we do it

Thanks to AI-assisted anomaly detection and precise root cause determination, we enable any IT team with the tools necessary to make the Digital Business Analytics tool their go-to solution. Let full-stack data be your context compass in the journey towards conversion.

  • Improve business outcomes and break it all down to specific performance
  • Break down silos through automatic real-time mapping of business and app data
  • Automatic tracing, segmentation and data extraction from business transactions

What’s yours?

He who holds all the data, controls the world. In our case, we let you control a whole world of digital business opportunities. Bridge the gap between data and business metrics to get precise answers about conversion in real-time. Gain true insight in your business KPIs and deliver better digital business outcomes across every channel.

  • Determine the next steps in optimization in accordance with your business goals
  • Fix potential issues way before negative business impact
  • Tie your data to your business KPI’s for the best results