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Project & Issue Tracking

Feel the flow

Project & Issue Tracking

Few IT teams in the modern world have gone without project & issue tracking software up to now. Is yours among this select group of professionals? High time we introduced the world of user stories, tasks, releases and reports. Your line of work is unique, so your collaboration tools should be next-level too.

  • Choose a workflow that works for you, or simply come up with your own
  • Integrate your way of working with just about any development tool you can think of
  • Connect your workflow directly with your product’s roadmap

IT teams can’t be compared to other teams. Period. They are unique groups of people, with different goals and methods operating on a level you don’t see anywhere else. We’d love to show you a project collaboration tool tailored to IT and designed to maximize their potential. The benefits are yours!

  • Valuable insight in your team’s progress & workflow
  • Software scalable to follow the growth plan of your business
  • Top-notch security and protective of your team’s privacy
Document Collaboration

Make structure your friend

Document Collaboration

Collaborating with your team should be easy, accessible and — most of all — available to you anywhere and anytime. From storing your team’s collective knowledge in a safe online deposit to meeting notes, project plans and feedback, we have our favorite when it comes to having structure at your team’s disposal.

  • Share what you know in a flexible, digital workplace, available to everyone
  • Be done with meeting notes lying all over the place and instantly share your findings
  • Get started right away with a large selection of best-practice templates

Your IT teams have a vast set of knowledge built up over the years. Making it accessible to them, as well as others in your organisation, is key to strengthening your company culture and knowledge base. There exists a tool specifically made to serve that purpose.

  • Team collaboration and communication at your team’s fingertips — literally
  • Available 247 anywhere, anytime to anyone contributing to your business
  • Over 60,000 companies in the world already part of its fanbase
IT Service Management

Thank you, come again

IT Service Management

Being of service to colleagues and customers alike shouldn’t have any impact on the amount of work you can get done throughout the day. We offer an intuitive self-service portal with a clear overview of requests, queues and conversational ticketing to deliver award-winning service.

  • All incoming requests (mail, chat tools, service desk and more) wrapped in a single intuitive overview
  • Set as many SLA’s as needed to keep track of service deadlines
  • Elevate your customer service through in-depth feedback reports

Happy customers make for happy teams and good business. Our key to customer satisfaction? A purpose-built digital tool designed to streamline incoming service requests and ensure swift follow-up. Let’s start helping others effectively, with zero impact on our own schedules.

  • Say goodbye to the whirlwind of requests, opt for oversight and visibility instead
  • In-depth reports of all service requests handled by your teams
  • Easily route incoming requests to the best problem-solver you can think of
Modern incident management

When things just can't wait

Modern incident management

Allow your team that firm grasp on incident resolving. Through the latest technology, centralizing incoming alerts and notifying the right people becomes a natural thing. Integrate the power our tool has to offer with your existing workflow, and juggle deployments, reporting and on-call schedules seamlessly.

  • Filter out the noise that usually comes along with incident reporting with clear notification channels
  • Continuously improve incident handling using dynamic incident reports
  • Integrate your own setup into just about any IT or development stock

In the IT business, reported incidents can range from mere nuisances to red flags. Regardless of their level of urgency, you want each incident resolved in a fast and efficient manner. It all starts with proper notifications and alerts. We’re here to relieve your team in this.

  • Never have anyone miss a critical alert, or take too long resolving it
  • Route alerts the way you’d like to, straight from problem to the right problem-solver
  • Ahead of the bunch: continuously improve the process with dynamic reporting