Harness the Cloud


Cloud-native continuous delivery and automated operations, it’s something big — and high time you too enjoyed operating at such a scale. Automated deployment & testing, fully integrated with full stack monitoring? We have a tool ready to act as your partner in this DevOps venture. We’d love to facilitate an introduction.

  • Harness the power of cloud-native continuous delivery
  • An all-in-one CD/CO tool, fit for enterprise-level tasks
  • Comes with all the necessary services, such as GitHub, Slack, Jenkins, ServiceNow and Pitometer

Are your teams enjoying the use of the Cloud? Or are they burdened with it? Allow them creative control of the Cloud through the use of an enterprise-grade tool here to help them automate operational tasks. It’ll free up time. Time they get to spend more effectively.

  • Have your dev team focus on code, instead of writing configuration files
  • Allow your DevOps team to focus on tools instead of building complex pipelines
  • Lean back yourself, and rest assured your teams get to focus on what matters most
Version control systems

The Hub is waiting

Version control systems

If your software development team has the highest standards to maintain, this is how they can meet the challenges that come along with them. Designed to hold continuous delivery at the core, a solid version control system acts as the tool any IT team needs to plan projects, collaborate on code, test, and deploy. Let’s collaborate through pace, data integrity and support for distributed, non-linear workflows

  • Approve or reject code review in collaboration with your team, including discussion threads right in the source code
  • Impeccable safety measures established in the Cloud, control user actions and bring merge checks
  • Build, test and deploy using integrated CI/CD

Tech that acts as the best friend and trusted single source of truth to ambitious IT teams? Let’s reinvent the core of your team’s workflow in software development. We’ll install their own hub where they plan their next project, provide updates on existing ones and collaborate on coding. Tailor-made to fit their needs.

  • Collaboration, approving or rejecting work and integration with all known workflows & tools
  • Bring much-needed speed to source code collaboration, while preserving quality
  • Flexible pricing plans made to serve large teams and big businesses
Project & Issue Tracking

Project & Issue Tracking

Few IT teams in the modern world have gone without project & issue tracking software up to now. Is yours among this select group of professionals? High time we introduced the world of user stories, tasks, releases and reports. Your line of work is unique, so should your collaboration tools be next-level.

  • Choose a workflow that works for you, or simply come up with your own
  • Integrate your way of working with just about any development tool you can think of
  • Connect your workflow directly with your product’s roadmap

IT teams can’t be compared to other teams. Period. They are unique groups of people, with different goals and methods operating on a level you don’t see anywhere else. We’d love to show you a project collaboration tool tailored to IT and designed to maximize their potential. Yours are the benefits!

  • Valuable insight in your team’s progress & workflow
  • Software scalable to follow the growth plan of your business
  • Top-notch security and protective of your team’s privacy


Applying that one-of-a-kind marriage between continuous delivery and continuous deployment brings a lot to your teams. A faster release rate to get your product to market, quickly release new features and effectively take care of occurring bugs are just one of the perks. Our CI/CD expertise is here to serve your people. 

  • Rapid feedback as part of the CI/CD process & DNA
  • No downtime in case of maintenance and updates
  • A process that harnesses the potential of automation at its core

Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) form a single shortcut that benefits the way your IT teams are working towards common goals. CI allows them to quickly integrate their code into a single shared repository and CD delivers it to production. A natural way of working that helps all, from team members to users.

  • Faster release rate & a smaller backlog that burdens your team
  • Prevent sudden breakdowns and other critical issues from spreading across the system
  • Increased team transparency and accountability