Collaboration Tools

Clutter is so last year

Collaboration Tools

Does your team have a knack of losing track of projects, to-do’s and messages? Our choice of IT collaboration tools is here to fix. With the power of visual perspective, in this case. A clear board of tasks to do, tasks completed and team communication. Quit the clutter, start collaborating.

  • From the big picture to the smaller details, in just a single click
  • No more endless emails, team communication happens where the action is
  • Real-time updates to ensure no one’s left behind on the info

Top-notch teams deserve top-notch collaboration tools. One that’s here to fill the void between day-to-day work and the talent your team brings to the table. A clear visual presentation of all the tasks waiting to be taken up, as well as briefings, communication and feedback. 

  • Allow visual communication to step up, oversight across projects, tasks & deadlines
  • Available on browser and mobile device, on- and offline
  • Scalable for use, regardless of the size of your team and your business
Business Collaboration Tools

Your friend in the digital world

Business Collaboration Tools

A modern business collaboration tool brings a unique alliance to the floor. One between business management and projects. Define and rely on a custom workflow that fits your day-to-day process like a glove, including tracking tasks, monitoring status and comments and valuable insights in workload and deadlines. 

  • Manage each ongoing project with nothing more than a quick glance
  • Customized dashboards and reports
  • Translate your own unique way of working in a single day-to-day tool

Gone are the day of meeting notes cluttering up your workspace, we’re grateful for that. The right digital project management tools can be the cornerstones your business relies on in the virtual world. It’s all about having the proper digital companion by your side to help you turn goals into deliverables. From humble SME’s to the biggest of enterprises, the right tool is there to serve your teams right, and steer them in the right direction.

  • Business management wrapped in project excellence: projects, deadlines and tasks in a single comprehensive overview
  • Statuses and comments to bring the best practices of modern social media tools onto the work floor.
  • Dashboards, progress reports, calendars,.. never miss out on what matters
Document Collaboration

Make structure your friend

Document Collaboration

Collaborating with your team should be easy, accessible and — most of all — available to you anywhere and anytime. From storing your team’s collective knowledge in a safe online deposit to meeting notes, project plans and feedback, we have our favorite when it comes to having structure at your team’s disposal.

  • Share what you know in a flexible, digital workplace, available to everyone
  • Be done with meeting notes lying all over the place and instantly share your findings
  • Get started right away with a large selection of best-practice templates

Your IT teams have a vast set of knowledge built up over the years. Making it accessible to them, as well as others in your organisation, is key to strengthening your company culture and knowledge base. There exists a tool specifically made to serve that purpose.

  • Team collaboration and communication at your team’s fingertips — literally
  • Available 247 anywhere, anytime to anyone contributing to your business
  • Over 60,000 companies in the world already part of the fanbase