Identity Protection

Just like in the real world, protecting your identity and data online is something that keeps you busy. Did you know your users aren’t exceptions to this rule? We’re here to protect these valuable pieces of data, you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Bot Management

These are not the bots we're looking for

Bot Management

How we do it

Bot detection is something we all take seriously. To enter this fight, we put web traffic control, granular visibility and the best deep learning algorithms on the foreground. We’ll equip your team with the right tools to prevent credential abuse, gift balance checking and various other types of web fraud.

  • Relieve your existing setup and operational overhead capabilities by managing your efforts in the Cloud
  • Multiple layered detection tech to identify malicious activity, including signatures, behaviour and statistics
  • Integration with other security solutions, as well your SIEM, for a clear overview of security posture

What’s yours?

Bots come in handy and have plenty to offer all of us. However, malicious bot activity is the opposite end of it. They’re sneaky, crafty and — most of all — able to hide themselves well from human eyes when they go out of their way to evade current detection technologies. Web fraud at its most dangerous. It’s why we offer the best bot management has to offer as we support you in protection and self-reliance.

  • The best machine learning technology in the business to scan, detect and prevent malicious bots
  • Instead of protecting page after page, we wrap your entire web presence in a protecting web of watchful eyes and ears
  • We rely on IT security technology that can bring visibility into 485 million bot request per hour and 280 million bot logins per day
Credential Stuffing

The end of the guessing game

Credential Stuffing

How we do it

Thanks to the dark web, cyber criminals flood your system with credentials illegally obtained from other users. We assist you in prevention by bringing high-end detection technology to provide global protection for data center, cloud and SaaS apps.

  • Protection across the surface, with an eye for logins and critical endpoints
  • Solid security, without customer lockouts and nuisance for regular users
  • Unmatched visibility into the bot landscape, including granular profiles of bots observed by the platform

What’s yours?

Have you ever tried guessing your way into a website without an account of your own? Chances are you gave up after a couple of attempts. What if you had millions of usernames and passwords at your disposal with a single click of a button? Credential stuffing is real and a clear danger. It’s why we have unique solutions ready for you, to deal with a unique threat.

  • Stop attacks at the edge, far away from websites, mobile apps and APIs
  • Guard the door: protection of all login endpoints across the web and mobile apps
  • Mitigate all automated threats, as well as learn about new bot types and their behavior before they get to prepare their attacks
Client Reputation

No more risky business

Client Reputation

How we do it

Telling the difference between harmless user IP addresses and those bent on malicious practices, it’s what Client Reputation is there to do. Our key features to do just that? A risk-analysis engine that computes risk scores for every source IP address, providing that much-needed visibility into client activities.

  • Actions based on previously observed client behaviour
  • A custom risk-based scoring model, applied to customer after customer
  • Decide on predefined thresholds and the risks perceived by your team

What’s yours?

Every day, a monumental amount of IP addresses comes into contact with your organization’s digital service. With an IP address being a great piece of information to determine who’s who, it’s only natural to have security in place to pick out the bad apples from the bunch.

  • An unprecedented layer of defense against scrapers, hackers and fraud
  • Intelligent-based protection on top of your existing security
  • Reduce business risks that usually come with DDoS and web application attacks