App & API Security

Your business apps are your bread and butter, literally. With them firmly at the heart of your daily processes, their security is paramount. We’re happy to help you out in this one, making sure you can rest easy as threats are monitored, and the necessary steps taken.

DDoS Site Defense

Ahead of the threat

DDoS Site Defense

How we do it

Modern IT security practices help you avoid DDoS attacks before they reach applications, data centers, and infrastructure. We rely on a solution that rests on a world-class industry-leading SLA, combined with a stable SOC. Deployment: always-on and on-demand.

  • Fully automated SOC analysis and response
  • Granular reporting: attack trends and in-depth attack characteristics
  • 18 scrubbing centers & 7.8 Tbps of DDoS mitigation capacity

What’s yours?

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is a term no business wants to come across. Digital warfare aimed at bringing harm to your organization should be given no chance, ever. Our solution of choice equals the prevention of 8,000 DDoS attacks a year. You can’t put a price on peace of mind and thanks to our extended IT security technologies – from now on – you don’t need to.

  • Proactive prevention of DDOS attacks
  • Cloud-based safety measures
  • Expertise by industry-leading tech providers
Web Application Firewall

Welcome to the frontier

Web Application Firewall

How we do it

With the staggering number of 178 billion WAF rule triggers a day, we make best use of modern IT security technologies to protect and adapt to changing business requirements including APIs and cloud migration.

  • Zero-Second DDoS Mitigation SLA
  • Custom protection, fully automated
  • Cloud protection

What’s yours?

IT security begins at the border with applications staying safe far from the frontlines. Web application security is paramount, and everyone knows it. Our protection services guarantee the highest accuracy out of the box for just about any application you need secured.

  • Continuous threat research and anomaly identification
  • A single, easy-to-manage security solution
  • Flexible way of working & total control 247
API Gateway Protection

Putting time-wasters to waste

API Gateway Protection

How we do it

Thanks to modern API gateway technology, we get rid of the challenges of scale and agility you’d normally associate with traditional solutions. No more need for infinite gateway replications, as well as response caching & throttling and quota management.

  • Admin API, command-line interface & Swagger/​RAML
  • Caching: RESTful and GraphQL query responses
  • Secure API traffic with OAuth 2.0

What’s yours?

Put your developer in the driver’s seat of your IT security. We have an API gateway solution ready to be your partner in eliminating the time-wasting process related to authentication, authorization, and consumption management. Let’s empower your people.

  • Efficiently deal with spikes or organic growth in website traffic
  • Reduce the cost and effort of managing your cloud infrastructure
  • Enable your developers to deploy services more easily
Page Integrity

Please present your script, sir

Page Integrity

How we do it

Provide effective protection from MageCart-like script attacks. You can count on us to provide the appropriate assistance in quickly mitigating compromised scripts and update policy controls to stop both first-time and recurring attacks. This includes your own scripts, as well as third-party ones.

  • Continuous CVE analysis of first- and third-party URLS
  • Edge and origin injection deployment models
  • Create your own script behaviour policies

What’s yours?

Today, a web page’s script is the essential factor when it comes to running services and accessing all kinds of data. It only makes sense for hackers to target scripts and try to retrieve this information. Don’t gamble with your data and keep your cyber security up to date. Our approach at page integrity detects malicious script activity and puts the necessary protection in place.

  • Detect and fix script vulnerabilities immediately
  • Removal of unwanted code
  • Can be deployed in minutes