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What does the Netlog name mean to you? If you’re a true millennial, chances are high this Belgian social network acted as your gateway into the world of social media. Ahead of its time, Netlog proved itself an early social media giant to millions of users. Not long after, social incubator Massive Media went after the next big thing, something Akamai and Evolane had a part to play in.

Massive Media – social discovery as a brand

Massive Media never failed to put its purpose plainly: to connect millions and break down digital barriers in the process. Netlog achieved a first – and impressive – feat by becoming Belgium’s first real social network. With the rise of the global social media revolution, Massive Media developed new apps. Social accelerators Ablo and Twoo are up and running today, reaching worldwide audiences. Social media is one thing, but social discovery is what Massive Media is all about. Why only settle for connecting with your offline friends, when the entire world is out there waiting for you?

End user experiences to match global ambitions

When you’re ambitious enough to envision social applications used across the globe, your platform needs to have an online presence worthy of that plan. Pieter De Schepper, VP of Engineering at Massive Media, underlines that importance. Our products are about interaction, about real, human experiences. Social discovery as a term defines just that. We felt early on that high performance would be a key factor to offer the users of Ablo and Twoo, a great user experience.’

Both products rely on speed, most of all. Modern app users know the kind of experience they deserve. They are entitled to speed, with page loading making up the core of our success. Scalability and performance are paramount. If an app takes too long to load, users check out. A simple, yet vital, truth,’ says Pieter. For years now, Akamai has been a part of the Massive Media project. When we noticed there was a need for a more approachable technical contact, Evolane arrived to function as the connecting factor between Akamai and Massive Media.

The best Akamai has to offer, offered by the best partner

With Akamai’s proven technology embedded in the Massive Media strategy, the company needed a partner to bridge the gap between technology and business. Pieter recalls: Akamai brought us the technology needed to reach our goals. However, we felt a physical partner could prove beneficial. A team we could easily reach out to and communicate with.’ Evolane happily filled the void.

We didn’t go in alone, though. We brought in Akamai’s Adaptive Media Delivery to provide Ablo users with the best visual experience in terms of images and videos. People can scan content in a matter of seconds. What they get to see, should be top-notch quality and at lighting loading speeds. We introduced Kona Site Defender for tight security and EdgeDNS because well, who ever tried to conquer the digital world without a 100% uptime SLA for comfort?

The power of social discovery networks lies in flawless UX. Evolane knew that from the start’ – Pieter De Schepper, Massive Media Engineering VP

Twoo teams

Evolane was more than happy to step up and connect Massive Media’s ambitions with Akamai’s quality products. It turned out to be the type of collaboration that benefits all parties. We saw action from the start. In the past, we relied on distant support teams on a day-to-day basis but somehow, that never suited the Massive Media way of working. Now we have a local partner to communicate with – and expect proactive work from. With Evolane, we got exactly what we wanted,’ says Pieter.

This collaboration proved one for the books. Pieter sums up what made it a success so far. Evolane offers that ideal blend of reactive and proactive communication. Our way of working is organically and continuous, through the use of Slack and everyday exchanges of thoughts and ideas. We don’t have regular meetings for the sole purpose of meeting. When we need one another, we get together to discuss the steps we both need to take and that’s it. Nothing’s fixed so there’s no strain on anyone’s schedule. Evolane is ready to service us when we need them to. That’s a great comfort knowing.’
Evolane offers us that ideal blend of reactive and proactive communication, it all comes together organically’
- Pieter De Schepper – Massive Media Engineering VP

A story of reduced costs and increased performance

What made the Evolane-Massive Media alliance a working one? Understanding. Since we joined the Massive Media story, we resolved the discontent common with previous IT partners. Pieter reminisces: We were already embedded well within the Akamai way of working. All we needed was an IT partner to deliver a service equal to the quality of Akamai products. Evolane supports us in our use of the Akamai product stack. They regularly check for opportunities to lower costs, enable us to get the most out of every single piece of technology, and guarantee top performance and tight security. What more can we ask for?’

The future of social discovery platforms

The Massive Media trajectory shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. In fact, building global connections will only become a bigger part of what Ablo is set to achieve, if Pieter’s ambitions are indicators of what’s to come. We’ve been building Ablo for over two years now and we’ll continue to do so. Ablo will grow as a renown social discovery platform in the years to come. We’re here to provide the world with real-time communication in a way that’s never seen before. We can’t wait to reveal what’s next.’

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