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With the world gone digital, there’s no surprise modern market research has become a streamlined, digital endeavor as well. Founded in Belgium, the global research professionals of InSites Consulting embody their modern marketing research purpose with a strong focus on technology. Their own in-house IT platform the Square is a prime example of efficient marketing research. Where great ambitions rise, so do your responsibilities regarding user experience, security and performance. To no one’s surprise, InSites Consulting found its mojo with Akamai’s IT solutions, cleverly monitored and applied by Evolane.

Insites Consulting – worldwide market research innovation

Don’t even think of calling InSites Consulting a group of average market researchers. They’re academic visionaries, passionate marketers and research innovators, bent on changing the game using modern technology and digital innovation. Over the past 20 years, this philosophy brought them the status of worldwide experts with offices all over the globe. Be it out of Ghent, New York, Manchester or Singapore, the InSites Consulting teams have the most valuable consumer insights to offer. Offer who? Try some of the biggest brands on the planet. L’Oréal, Ferrero, eBay, Heineken, Nestlé and many more.

One key ingredient that encompasses all: Square. An all-in-one IT platform, developed by InSites Consulting, here to serve as a single source of truth in market research.

Outside expertise as a missing link

When talking vast amounts of data, performance and security are rarely far behind. IT platform, the Square saw the light of day in 2016 to bring clarity and access to the data gathered from market research campaigns. Christoph Coucke, Technology Hub Manager at InSites, takes a trip down memory lane. Nowadays, it serves as our core product but back then, we were still looking at a lot of improvements. We were in need of a partner to assist us in terms of monitoring and performance, and as of 2019 Evolane started helping us with that.”

Now, the Square is made up out of two important halves. The never-ending story of quantitative research versus qualitative research. In terms of monitoring and performance, both parts still had ways to go. Evolane introduced us to Dynatrace and Akamai. The latter we already knew very well. However, a solid POC from Evolane convinced us to go ahead and improve performance on a global scale using Akamai technology. It turned out to be a great move. You can’t argue with results”, says Christoph.

Akamai’s finest, Dynatrace’s best

Back then, InSites Consulting’s’ IT team could only benefit from outside knowledge and experience, something Akamai and Evolane both had plenty of. We introduced Akamai’s renowned Content Delivery Network to the team and made work of a solid Web Application Protector to ensure the security you’d expect from any platform in control of the people’s voice. It’s how we made a solution — meant for global teams — performing and secure. Two key elements we knew were crucial to the Square’s success.

Evolane handled the Akamai and Dynatrace POC’s exactly how we expect them to be handled by external teams. They did 95% of the work in setting up these environments. That’s how we envisioned collaboration at first – and how they always kept on doing it. Consider it a client-consultant relationship. We like to get the right people on board to assist us in the Square’s development. When talking performance and security, Evolane has proven itself a valuable partner”, says Christoph.

A solid POC by Evolane confirmed Akamai technology was the answer to our security and performance challenges’
– Christoph Coucke, InSites Consulting Technology Hub

Consultancy on a first-name basis

After the initial introduction, the story of InSites Consulting and Evolane kicked off almost immediately. The chemistry between our teams proved a major asset. Christoph agrees. The match was there. From day one it felt natural to discuss just about anything, anytime. That’s what collaboration is all about. We found pretty much every question answered in less than a day’s time and Evolane never stopped thinking along with us and pinpointed the areas where we could still improve our products. You’re all part of the same team at the end of the day.”

Being on the same team also means that feedback goes both ways. Doesn’t it, Christoph? From time to time, InSites Consulting would turn it around and provide Evolane with insights and feedback. Evolane is still on the grow as a company and it suits them that they’re open to our tips & tricks. It shows how we both benefit from this alliance. I can’t wait to see what awaits us next”, says Christoph.

One pro solution a day keeps the DDoS attacks at bay

Since InSites Consulting and Evolane started working together on the upgrade of the Square, the platform has been performing a lot better in terms of speed in the U.S. Akamai’s CDN is in place, nestled firmly in between the infrastructure layers. In the meantime, security is a sure thing. DDoS attacks are comfortably mitigated, and data has never been safer. We regularly get together with InSites Consulting to discuss the comings and goings of the Square’s performance and security track records. Consider it just like visiting the doctor’s office for a checkup every once in a while. Prevention and proactive monitoring are key elements to ensure the Square’s continuous prosperity.

With Evolane, there’s no mistake we’re all on the same team at the end of the day’
– Christoph Coucke, InSites Technology Hub

Teamwork across continents 

You can find InSites Consulting all over the globe. Wait, truly everywhere? Almost. As we’re writing this. Future endeavors in China are slowly turning into concrete deliverables for the team. More environments to come, each one with the goal to perform as well as every current environment. I’m positive there’s a part for Evolane to play in this next chapter of ours. Let’s continue this winning streak of ours.”’
Let’s make it happen, Christoph!

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