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At Evolane, we like to paint a unique picture of every project we take on. Which areas require our expertise? For how long would you like to have it brought to you? Answers we don’t need from you right away, but which we’ll find out together. This is the best place to start from. Go ahead and take a look at the Evolane services below.

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Let us know what’s troubling you and your project. You’ll find us quite ready to facilitate a meeting and introduce ourselves.


Decide what you need

Together we pinpoint the services you need most. The same goes for the level of urgency and the amount of time you have to give us.


Get the experts

Time to get to know your next colleague! We’ll venture on a who’s who-tour and find the right professional to join your team.

Our people

The Evolane people proudly form the core of everything we do. Ranging from DevOps engineers to security specialists and certified testers, they are ready to handle your challenges.


We proactively monitor, optimise and test your IT environment. All while using the right tools and processes of course. Heck, we even build from scratch!

Classic DevOps

We might have our unique take on the way we help others but make no mistake, we have all the DevOps skills you’d expect under our belt. Our engineers can’t wait to get started!

Cloud Native

Feel like the Cloud holds hidden treasures for you? We’ll gladly get you there, and help you maximise its potential too.

Expert pool

We have all the experts available to handle your IT & business challenges. You decide the duration and frequency of their efforts.


Harnessing the power of pipelines, automation, infrastructure as code, quality, monitoring and more for the best continuous practices.


Unlocking the impact of data begins with testing & monitoring, an important practice, if not an art of its own.

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Certified through and through

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