DevOps Tester

Here at Evolane, we’re all about optimizing business applications, for the benefit of business and user alike. Our IT solutions are what make applications accessible, secure and performing like there’s no tomorrow. We always go for that custom approach, in order to make sure our clients can rest easy. To make that happen, DevOps and testing expertise are what we consider the best of both worlds. As a DevOps Tester, you could be right up our ally. Ready for an exciting adventure?

Are you a DevOps Tester through and through?

Bold? Fresh? Fit for a purpose?

As our new DevOps Tester, you’re in for a life that serves you up something new every day, filled to the brim with experiences unique to you and your field.

You’re great at:

  • Creating automated testing scripts and setting up the associated frameworks.
  • Creating and executing performance tests.
  • Applying customizations and upgrades.
  • Analyzing and reporting testing results.
  • Perform tool selections, as well as providing clients with advice on testing tools and testing automation.
  • Making use of load testing to prevent delays in IT applications.
  • Relying on chaos testing to continuously produce random failures or delays in IT applications.

What will you bring to our table?

  • You’ve had your fair share of higher IT education and received a nice and shiny degree at the end. Don’t have a degree but plenty of experience to make up for it? We’ll be equally impressed, promised!
  • You can look back on at least three years of experience in test automation, performance testing and load testing.
  • You have an ISTQB or TMAP certificate waiting to be put to good use.
  • You know your way around structured testing, testing methodologies and testing techniques.
  • You’re always ready to think of new ways to improve ways of testing
  • Know how to function in an Agile and/​or Scrum environment? You’ll fit right in!

What are we looking for?

When it comes to challenges and having an eye for detail, you’re a natural top performer. Probably because of your excellent communication skills and of how much you love taking that sweet initiative. This doesn’t make you a stranger to structure and analytical thinking though, you know how to get priorities straight. Stress doesn’t get to you. In fact, it helps you move forward. You like working on your own as much as you do working as part of a team. A team you love to coach and motivate, being the natural leader that you are.

If you live and breathe quality IT solutions, flexible service and people skills, you embody the true Evolane spirit. This is the type of enthusiasm you get to convey to our clients

What can you expect in return?

Life at Evolane is ever-changing. Especially when considering the passionate and exciting group of professionals you’ll get to work with. Evolane has a stable flow of challenges to send your way, every single one a chance for you to improve your skills. Yes, improvement also goes for your salary and all the goodies that come with it.

Fancy a life at Evolane?

Great, now’s the time to seize that opportunity. Go ahead and apply! Who knows, talk to you soon?