Azure DevOps Engineer

Here at Evolane, we’re all about optimizing business applications, for the benefit of business and user alike. We’re looking for an Azure DevOps Engineer to aid our team in this offering! Our bold – and fresh, that’s our thing – IT solutions are what make applications accessible, secure and performing like there’s no tomorrow. We always go for that custom approach, in order to make sure our clients can rest easy. We’re looking for an Azure DevOps Engineer to aid our team in this offering!

Ready to ace it at Azure?

Passionate about IT & Azure? 

You’re great at:

  • analyzing and implementing ever-changing IT landscapes
  • setting up and running app environments using that award-winning combination of automation and pure skill 
  • working alongside our partners to bring just about any cloud infrastructure to life, or migrate existing IT environments
  • monitoring, managing and optimizing production systems
  • scouting the market for fresh insights on the latest Azure, Azure Devops and related platforms in terms of knowledge and knowhow
  • performing customizations and upgrades

What will you bring to our table?

  • That shiny IT degree of yours? It’s right there, in your back pocket. If it’s not, you still have plenty of IT experience to make up for it. Experience you gained using your passion for this line of work.
  • You can look back on at least 5 years of experience in an IT environment. You know the ins and outs of IT procedures and processes.
  • The Microsoft stack (Azure, Azure DevOps) holds no secrets for you. Yet you keep looking ahead, fueled by your interest in various technologies (AWSGCP,..).
  • Is someone talking about cloud provisioning, computing management and application deployment? You can’t wait to join in on that conversation.
  • Got DevOps certificates to show off? Great! 
  • You’re versed in scripting languages like Powershell and Typescript. Wait, you are? That’s a (nice) bonus!

What are we looking for?

Thanks to your analytical way of thinking, you’ve grown to become a true problem solver with excellent research skills to back it up. You’re fine working on your own but you possess the right amounts of flexibility and assertiveness to shine in just about any team.

If you live and breathe quality IT solutions, flexible service and people skills, you embody the true Evolane spirit. This is the type of enthusiasm you get to convey to our clients

What can you expect in return?

Life at Evolane is ever-changing. Especially when considering the passionate and exciting group of professionals you’ll get to work with. Evolane has a stable flow of challenges to send your way, every single one a chance for you to improve your skills. Yes, improvement also goes for your salary and all the goodies that come with it.

Fancy a life at Evolane?

Great, now’s the time to seize that opportunity. Go ahead and apply! Who knows, talk to you soon?