Atlassian Business Expert

Here at Evolane, we’re all about optimizing business applications, for the benefit of business and user alike. Our bold IT solutions are what make applications accessible, secure and performing like there’s no tomorrow. We always go for that custom approach, in order to make sure our clients can rest easy. The Atlassian product stack is just one of our resources to do just that. Wait, Atlassian? Are your fanboy (or girl) senses tingling right now? We just happen to have room for an all-in-one Atlassian expert.

Ready to serve as our Atlassian Business Expert?

Calling the Atlassian ambassador!

You have that eye for bottlenecks in business processes, as well as a clear vision on how to make them better, using your expertise of all things Atlassian. In fact, the Atlassian product stack is your single source of truth to improve process workflows any day. Your knowledge exceeds the standard Atlassian tools. In fact, you’re the expert in the room when it comes to pinpointing how the entire Atlassian tool set can be of help.

You’re great at:

  • Proactively pitching and implementing solutions.
  • Defining and documenting project duties.
  • Assisting every client in finding the best tools that you can put to their advantage.
  • Contributing to your team’s knowledge base.
  • Adding value to our project organization.
  • Supporting plugins and tools to assist Atlassian development.
  • Installing, upgrading and migrating using the Atlassian product stack.
  • Analyzing business processes and locating the right Atlassian products to make them reach new heights.
  • Embracing our marketing efforts and keeping an eye out for ways in which we can position ourselves even better in the IT market.

What will you bring to our table?

  • Knowledge of Atlassian products: JIRA, Confluence, Crucible, Fisheye, Bamboo„.. You feel the impact Atlassian technology can have the moment you spot an opportunity.
  • You know your way around Java: both the coffee and the J2EE.
  • You can install any piece of software, regardless of the laaS provider.
  • You’re great working on your own, as well as in a group of like-minded enthusiasts.
  • Focus is something you juggle with ease, even across different projects. 
  • Test-driven development, code review, continuous integration, knowledge sharing, Agile software development, application server configuration, GIT, SVN. You could teach a class or two on all of these things. 
  • ALM/​DevOps & Agile software development both make up your cup of tea.
  • You’re a quick learner and know how to adapt to changing environments.
  • You’re client-oriented with a knack for empathizing with users. Helping them equals fun in that purpose-driven book of yours..

What are we looking for?

When it comes to challenges and having an eye for detail, you’re a natural top performer. Probably because of your excellent communication skills and of how much you love taking that sweet initiative. This doesn’t make you a stranger to structure and analytical thinking though, you know how to get priorities straight. Stress doesn’t get to you. In fact, it helps you move forward. You like working on your own as much as you do working as part of a team. A team you love to coach and motivate, being the natural leader that you are.

If you live and breathe quality IT solutions, flexible service and people skills, you embody the true Evolane spirit. This is the type of enthusiasm you get to convey to our clients

What can you expect in return?

Life at Evolane is ever-changing. Especially when considering the passionate and exciting group of professionals you’ll get to work with. Evolane has a stable flow of challenges to send your way, every single one a chance for you to improve your skills. Yes, improvement also goes for your salary and all the goodies that come with it.

Fancy a life at Evolane?

Great, now’s the time to seize that opportunity. Go ahead and apply! Who knows, talk to you soon?