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What if your website, applications, APIs and IT users are under attack?

You get protection from Evolane 24/7/365 thanks to the Akamai Intelligent Edge Security Platform.

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The Intelligent Edge Security Platform is rock solid - IT-beveiliging, protectie - Evolane

The Intelligent Edge Security Platform is rock solid

Akamai's Intelligent Edge Security Platform monitors 130 terabytes of data, 1 billion devices and more than 100 million IP addresses worldwide and every day. This produces unparalleled intelligence and insights for protecting your platform, your data and your users.


Protect your data and your customers’ too

Nothing is as annoying for your organization as having people with bad intentions accessing your company’s data and that of your customers, and using it to commit fraud. In Akamai’s Intelligent Edge Security Platform, the Janrain Identity Cloud guarantees safe, private and personal handling of identity and access. And we add cloud-based DNS to the mix, for stronger performance, increased availability and rock solid resistance to DDoS attacks. And it does all this on your platform and in the public cloud.

  • Bot Manager Standard

    Bot management with identification, categorization, management, and visibility into bot traffic.

    Built on the Edge network, Bot Manager helps organizations identify, categorize, manage, and report on their bot traffic to better manage the business and IT impacts of bots. Bot Manager:

    • Is only available as an add-on to an Akamai delivery product. Is an unmanaged solution.
    • Customers should purchase Security Optimization Assistance to address service requirements.
  • Fast DNS

    Authoritative DNS-service.

    Fast DNS is a cloud-based authoritative DNS solution that augments or replaces a customer's existing DNS infrastructure. Fast DNS improves DNS resolution times, especially for websites on an Akamai delivery product, and has the scale to absorb the largest DDoS attacks targeting the DNS infrastructure.

  • Prolexic

    Managed DDoS protection service for all applications and infrastructure.

    Prolexic protects all applications as well as network and data center infrastructure from DDoS attacks. Prolexic Routed:

    • Is built on the Prolexic network, using BGP-based redirection to route network traffic through Akamai scrubbing centers and GRE tunnels to deliver clean traffic back to the customer.
    • Is available in either an Always-On or On-Demand configuration.
    • Is a managed solution that includes product and service.


Keep your website up and running

It’s happened again... Is your company website down for another half-day, because of a DDoS or web application attack? We put a definitive end to this, thanks to Kona Site Defender, an integral part of the Akamai Intelligent Edge Security Platform. And there is more: we use Kona Site Defender to fine-tune your protection against the specific security problems that your organization has to deal with over and again.

  • Kona Site Defender

    DDoS protection and Web Application Firewall (WAF) for websites and web applications.

    Built on the Edge network, Kona Site Defender provides Always-On protection for websites and web applications from DDoS and web application attacks. Kona Site Defender:

    1. Includes Kona WAF, Site Shield, Compliance Management, and DDoS Fee Protection.
    2. Is available as a standalone solution or add-on to an Akamai Delivery product.
    3. Is an unmanaged solution. Customers should purchase either Security Optimization Assistance or Managed Kona Site Defender Service to address service requirements.
  • Web Application Protector

    DDoS Mitigation, Application Security and Performance: Simplified

    Most organizations know that they need application security, but not all organizations have the time, money, or experience to maintain the highly sophisticated and customized rules that traditional application security tools provide. Web Application Protector solves that problem by providing an intuitive administrator interface, pre-configured rule groupings, automatic rule updates, and self-serve installation. The finished product is simple enough to bring application security to organizations who might otherwise leave their applications exposed. Even better, the organizations that use Web Application Protector get added benefits from the Akamai Intelligent Platform; including the ability to grow without adding hardware, site delivery and performance capabilities, rate controls, and the protection from unwanted traffic through the reverse web proxy.


Go for Zero Trust

Trust no one? Yes, that’s a good idea! Always maintain checks on access to business applications and protect your users against any targeted outside threat. The "Zero Trust" approach protects your entire organization against all possible malware and your apps will work better and faster. Unwanted intruders crash hard into the solid wall we build with the Akamai Intelligent Edge Security Platform. No more loss of time, data or your corporate image.

  • Enterprise Application Access

    Simple, Safe and Secure

    Enterprise Application Access is a new approach to remote access. It provides a unique, secure and more convenient alternative to traditional remote access technologies, such as VPNs, RDP and proxies. With Enterprise Application Access, no one can get to applications directly because they are hidden from the Internet and public exposure. A unique cloud architecture closes all inbound firewall ports while providing authenticated end users access to only their specific applications. Enterprise Application Access integrates data path protection, identity access, application security and management visibility and control into a single service.

Why should you opt for Evolane and Akamai?

Take cover! Cyberattacks come every day like bullets whistling around your ears in a battle. Maintaining 100% IT security is a really tough job. That is why Akamai's Intelligent Edge Security Platform surrounds and protects your entire architecture - core, cloud and edge. The specialists at Evolane implement the Akamai platform to thwart attackers and limit threats.

Working with you, we secure the content, data and applications in all your data centres and at all your cloud providers. Result: you maintain ultimate control in this multi-cloud world.

Why should you opt for Evolane and Akamai? - IT-beveiliging, protectie - Evolane
Trust the cutting edge supplier in protection - IT-beveiliging, protectie - Evolane

Trust the cutting edge supplier in protection

Both the American research firm Forrester Research and the worldwide research and consultancy firm Gartner label Akamai as a leading supplier of solutions such as Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) and Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystems.

People and machines

The Akamai platform is backed by:

  • Evolane and Akamai security experts with high-level education
  • offering threat analyses, strategies and human information
  • and using artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • supported by 24/7/365 surveillance and security centres worldwide