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Is your platform fast and efficient?
Excited for the Evolane Cloud concept?
How accessible is your platform?

Look at it differently. A flawless experience has everything to do with an open infrastructure. Evolane guides and manages your application sustainably and sensibly, making them super-strong and compatible in every situation – and protected at all times. With our tools we are able to guarantee both speed and functionality.

Evolane keeps your IT-applications lightning fast, efficient and consistent. Always and everywhere. Let us help you through our team of experts.

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  • Open Shift

    Open Shift

    Modern Application Deployments

    OpenShift enabling you to rapidly build and deploy Docker-formatted containers and manage them on a robust, scalable platform.
    Realize the power of the open source community to jump-start modern application development.
    Enterprise Kubernetes platform adds new container security and compliance features, extends consistent applications and services across multi-cloud deployments.

    • Modern Application Deployments
    • Docker
    • Rapidly build an deploy applications
    • scalable platform
    • PaaS