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Do your apps run slowly and does that bother you?
Can you do it fast and efficient?
Can you always be online?

That’s why we start off by thinking user-centric. In plain language: your end-users and their experience are central to the approach we take. To achieve this, Evolane combines a variety of tools, a conclusive application performance management system (APM) with a content delivery network (CDN) – all customised to the app. Your application landscape stays dynamic and you also always find the fastest route to your users. We also keep an eye on your application, from datacentre to end-user. And if something goes wrong, we pinpoint the cause immediately and provide a fast, long-lasting fix.

Evolane keeps your IT-applications lightning fast, efficient and consistent. Always and everywhere. Let us help you through our team of experts.

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  • AI Monitoring

    AI Monitoring

    Artificial intelligence delivers answers—not just data—providing actionable insights to your business stakeholders, operations staff, and development teams.

    • Dynatrace ties business outcomes to performance insights so you fully understand the implications of detected problems.
    • Analyze user behavior to maintain focus on customer experience.
    • Because Dynatrace understands all the components and dependencies of your applications, it can detect and resolve problems before they impact your customers.
    • Artificial Intelligence Answers
  • All-in-one performance monitoring

    All-in-one performance monitoring

    Use a single platform to analyze application performance throughout your application’s full stack, down to each individual transaction across all layers and technologies.

    • Full stack monitoring provides full insights into customer experience, application performance management, and infrastructure monitoring—including servers, containers, and cloud—end-to-end with no blind spots.
    • Get the deepest, most accurate, granular tracing of every single transaction.
    • Our research and development team of more than 600 experts ensures the broadest and deepest coverage of technologies in the industry.
    • All-in-one Performance Monitoring
    • Full Stack Monitoring
    • Customer Experience
    • Application Performance Management
    • Infrastructure Monitoring
    • Container/Docker Monitoring
    • Cloud Monitoring
    • End-to-end Monitoring
  • Dynamic Site Accelerator

    Dynamic Site Accelerator

    Web performance based on caching and dynamic delivery.

    Dynamic Site Accelerator improves the speed, scalability, security and reliability of any web site that delivers dynamic content and online functionality to consumers. Whether it's search queries, shopping carts, account maintenance or customer service, Dynamic Site Accelerator ensures every transaction is completed with optimal performance for each end user.

    • Caching
    • HTTP/2
    • IPv6
    • Object Pre-fetching
    • Site Failover
    • SureRoute
    • TCP Optimization
    • HTTPS Delivery
    • Advanced Offload
  • Dynamic Site Delivery

    Dynamic Site Delivery

    Utilizing caching and dynamic web delivery to maximize infrastructure cost savings and achieve global scale

    Dynamic Site Delivery (DSD) maximizes infrastructure cost savings through offload by caching static and dynamic web content onto Akamai's Intelligent Platform and bringing the content closer to users. DSD can be used to deliver web pages built on any infrastructure environment — cloud compute or on-premise — for all content types. DSD also offers specific optimizations for HTML, image content, and cache controls for dynamic reusable content based on cookies and query strings. DSD allows organizations to automatically scale their web delivery to handle high traffic loads during peak usage periods and remain available 24/7 regardless of conditions on the Internet.

    • Caching
    • HTTP/2
    • IPv6
    • Site Failover
    • TCP Optimization
    • Tiered Distribution
    • Token Authentication
  • Image Manager

    Image Manager

    Intelligent Image Management Made Simple

    Akamai Image Manager makes it simple. It is an easy-to-use cloud-based solution that automatically optimizes each image for the best combination of size, quality, and format best suited for each end user and device and offloads the transformation of derivative image assets to the cloud.

    • Auto-Convert Image Format
    • Auto-Resize for Mobile Screens
  • NetStorage


    The largest, globally distributed cloud storage solution on the market

    NetStorage is a highly scalable, secure cloud storage solution, offering automatic geo-distributed content replication for resiliency, high availability, and performance. Built on the Akamai Intelligent Platform it offers on-demand capacity, geographical replication, and proven server mapping and routing technology. NetStorage is designed specifically to meet the demands of high performance online content delivery and content workflows with a key set of features intended to simplify and optimize cloud-based online storage. Designed for constant availability, NetStorage offers many essential features - all without investing in and maintaining dedicated storage servers.

    • Cloud Storage
    • Geo-distributed Content
  • Smarter monitoring at scale

    Smarter monitoring at scale

    The real-time dependency discovery and self-learning capabilities of Dynatrace were built to automate IT operations in highly dynamic application environments.

    • Re-configured and automatically adjusted dashboards ensure ease of use. Installation requires no manual configuration at all.
    • Artificial intelligence continuously auto-detects dependencies, learns application behavior, detects anomalies, and proactively pinpoints the root causes of issues.
    • Dynatrace was designed for the world’s largest environments and scales up to 100,000+ hosts.
    • Self-learning Capabilities
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Proactive Monitoring
    • Auto-detects Dependencies