Kick Out DDoS and Application Attackers

And keep your goal clean!

When you’re dealing with limited in-house security expertise, it can feel discouraging and overwhelming to try and protect your brand against DDoS attacks and other threats. We’re here to take away those pesky feelings of insecurity by offering allround… security. Does the name ‘Akamai’ ring any well-protected bell? That’s right: Evolane offers a substantiated package that purely contains out of Akamai solutions and specialized service by certified engineers. This ironclad combination promises - nay: guarantees - a simple yet effective solution for all your security issues.

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Unique offer 1349 EURO* per month

DDoS protection

Keeps DDoS‑attackers away from your surroundings. With thousands of Akamai servers at the edge of the Internet while:

  • network-layer DDoS traffic is deflected and application-layer DDoS traffic is absorbed
  • attackers stay far away from your websites, web applications, and APIs
  • you get the ability to grow without having to add hardware to your existing infrastructure

Web Application Firewall

Akamai’s Web Application Protector includes a Web Application Firewall to protect your applications and APIs from DDoS and other application attacks. The solution:

  • inspects traffic and blocks suspicious requests or known exploits
  • includes a common set of rules based on latest attacks as well as customized WAF rules for individual requirements
  • throttles & blocks web traffic from malicious actors through adaptive rate controls
  • enables network controls: IP whitelists, blacklists and geo-blocking

Origin Cloaking

The Site Shield solution adds an additional layer of defence and hides websites from the public internet by:

  • effectively removing them from the accessible IP address 
  • preventing attackers from directly targeting the origin
  • forcing traffic traffic to pass through Akamai’s Intelligent Platform

Dynamic Content Delivery 

Akamai’s Dynamic Site Accelerator helps organizations to meet ever increasing user expectations by: 

  • delivering interactive content and applications to the end user
  • generating interactive content and applications dynamically to the end user
  • improving overall reliability, offload and network performance
  • enabling organizations to do it all over the original web infrastructure 

Serverless Computing at the Edge

Akamai EdgeWorkers deliver JavaScript to improve customer experience while:

  • tackling latency issues
  • developers can freely build logic 
  • using a well known developing language
  • globally deploying serverless features

Get free on boarding

While enjoying:

  • configuration
  • follow up consultancy 
  • flexible Evolane support 
  • 24×7 Akamai support 

Among other, we are currently protecting

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Advanced Select Partnership

Akamai’s portfolio of advanced security and video delivery solutions is backed by Evolane’s specialised customer service, analytics and 24÷7÷365 monitoring. As an Akamai Advanced Select Partner, we proudly wear a title for partners who continue to invest in providing the right product knowledge and product configuration.

With over 15 years of experience with the Akamai’s Intelligent Edge platform, Evolane combines the advantages of a trusted local partner with the ingenious technology of a global company. Our customers appreciate our fast, honest and accessible way of working. The best of both worlds if you ask us! Too good to be true? Read all about it in our Success Rides.

Unique offer 1349 EURO* per month

Let Akamai WAF blow your mind with:

  • Web Application Protector (1TB)
    • 1 domain
    • 1 DV SAN certificate
    • 1 security policy
    • 1 security configuration
    • 5 rate policies
  • Site Shield for reliable and innovative protection (1 Map)
  • Dynamic Site Accelerator for optimal delivery performance (for 1 Domain, 1 Site Delivery Configuration included & up to 10 sub-domains)
  • EdgeWorkers for robust scalability and accelerated deployment (1 Million)
  • Configuration (2K)
  • Follow up consultancy (8H)
  • 24x7 Support

* Offer valid until 31/08/2021

* Minimum contract period of twelve months

* Offer only available for new Akamai customers and on condition of Akamai's approval

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