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We make IT applications work like they should.

Slow applications? Lacking security? No compatibility? Processes too complex? Evolane optimizes IT applications and makes them better than ever.

I want my IT applications to work optimally
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    Do your apps run slowly and does that bother you?

    Keep your IT application landscape sharp and dynamic, so that you can always find the fastest way to your users – wherever they happen to be.

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    Are your applications plagued by unwanted visitors?

    Secure both your datacentre and your applications to protect your data and the end-user experience.

  • server


    Is your IT infrastructure a necessary evil?

    An open platform delivers ideal, flexible operations. Fast and functional.

  • statistics

    Process optimization

    Are your IT processes slow and complex?

    Allow your applications to develop sustainably – the whole lifecycle of every application.

Make sure your applications are built on strong foundations. So that they stay calm and stable, even at peak times.

Our partners

  • Dynatrace

    Dynatrace application monitoring provides all performance metrics in real time and detects and diagnoses problems automatically.

  • Akamai Technologies

    When your business is dependent on a larger control over the web, you need a partner that has a profound knowledge of this. Akamai helps the most prominent companies to be successful in managing an online business since 1998.

  • Atlassian

    The name Atlassian rings a bell. The company develops business software for software developers, project managers and content managers. The best known are Jira, an issue tracking application, and Confluence, a product for efficient team collaboration.

  • Akamai Technologies
    Professional level certifications
  • Dynatrace
    Best New Partner EMEA

How Evolane makes your applications perform better, more accessible and more secure

We navigate along routes that are uncharted waters for traditional IT companies. They always propose scale-up solutions: everything has to be bigger and bulkier. Whereas Evolane frequently opts for scale-in applications that are focused on continuing growth in your existing IT environment. Light and flexible. We combine various tools and a conclusive application performance management system (APM) with a content delivery network (CDN). Always customised to your applications.

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There are many who give advice, but few who offer guidance.

Focus on the future

Looking for a solution that will help your IT department take a giant leap forward? Want better IT performance, despite the IT restrictions your international office places on you? Want a positive, forward-looking view of your IT development?

Look into the future – and in the right direction, too

At Evolane you’ll find the solution you have been looking for so long. We’ll make your IT applications as amazing as your product. Plus we’ll look into the future with you – in the right direction, of course.

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