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Growth and success are waiting for you at the end of the road. Putting you in the driver’s seat along the journey is what Evolane brings to your table. How? We take your business IT applications and optimise them all the way to perfection. Our professionals bring your IT landscape up to code — when and however you like. IT performance management that enables you to shine.

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Don’t be a victim ever again. Our Intelligent Edge Security Platform keeps your, and your customer’s, data safe. We’ll include a lasting defense from phishing and ransomware, as well as a solid resistance against DDoS- & application attacks

Cloud Security
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Your end-user experience is key to us. We ensure your applications function as they were meant to do. A story of APM’s, CDN’s, sales funnels, performance & AI monitoring and lasting fixes.

Intelligent Monitoring Web & Media Delivery


We’re quality managers. We translate the right acceptance criteria, test functions, technology and performance, provide load-trending and monitor the entire lifecycle of your applications.


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It all starts with our people

We’re here to put that human touch back in IT. In the old days, optimising or maintaining your IT solutions meant engaging in pricy, long-term commitments with IT partners you barely even knew. Lots of tech language surrounding IT security, very little actual dialogue. They were hired to handle their side of the business, nothing more.

Evolane represents a whole new way of working. A way centered around value and everyday interaction. We help you pinpoint the IT challenges your business is facing today, and get the right man or woman to join you on your project. One day a week? Two days? Or do you have a specific IT job of the Evolane skill set you need done, no strings attached? We combine this kind of flexibility with a very real eye for your business goals. We focus on your success, just like the rest of your workforce. In the end, we’re all on the same team.
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Kick Out DDoS and Application Attackers

And keep your goal clean!

When you’re dealing with limited in-house security expertise, it can feel discouraging and overwhelming to try and protect your brand against DDoS attacks and other threats. 

We’re here to take away those pesky feelings of insecurity by offering allround… security. Does the name Akamai’ ring any well-protected bell?

That’s right: Evolane offers a substantiated package that purely contains out of Akamai solutions and specialised service by certified engineers. This ironclad combination promises — nay: guarantees — a simple yet effective solution for all your security issues.

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So, what’s troubling you today? Where, when and for how long you need us, we’re ready to bring the right digital solution to your doorstep.

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