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Don’t be a victim of your digital ambitions. Thanks to the Intelligent Edge Security Platform, we keep your data — and that of your user — safe. Our solutions arm you against phishing, ransomware, DDoS & cyber threats.


Guarantee the best experiences for your end user. We make your business applications more performant than ever before. A story of APMs, CDNs, sales funnels, performance & AI monitoring and permanent tweaks and fixes.


Choose excellent quality. With a focus on the perfect process, we quickly translate the right acceptance criteria. We juggle with test functions, technologies, performance stats, load trending and monitor the lifecycle of each application.

Say goodbye to your IT frustrations thanks to Evolane’s optimisations. Together we go for an IT landscape that provides maximum support for your organisation, team and objectives.

Together we can achieve more

Specialized technologies, inhouse expertise

After mapping out your challenges, we link your problem to the right IT solution and inhouse expertise. To make sure we can cover all of your issues, Evolane works with splendid DevOps  and Quality Engineers and technologies provided by the most renown tech companies out there. Discover our technology partners: Akamai, Atlassian, Contentsquare, Dynatrace and Splunk!

Flexibility is our thing. Need someone to help you one day a week? Or do you have a specific Dev/TestOps project? Looking for a solution partner in the short or long term? Our eyes are on the bigger picture: your goal. That’s teamwork!

What our customers have to say…

“They know exactly what they are talking about and are generous with good advice and expertise. They have a strong focus on you as a customer. That feels comfortable and recognizable.”

Bjorn Van Reet
CIO, Kinepolis

“A tough POC from Evolane immediately convinced us to go ahead and improve our performance on a global scale using Akamai technology. It turned out to be a great move. The good results are hard to dispute.”

Christoph Coucke
Head of BI & IT, InSites Consulting

“We were happy with the solutions Akamai offered us. We quickly found a local partner in Evolane, made up of familiar faces who we knew were experts in Akamai technology.”

Kris Van Rossem
CTO, Mediafin

“In the past, we relied on external support teams on a daily basis, but that didn’t fit the way of working that we wanted to aspire to at Massive Media. Now we have a local partner with whom we can communicate — and from whom we proactively expect the best work. With Evolane, we got exactly what we wanted.”

Pieter De Schepper
VP of Engineering, Massive Media

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